Mathis BarréReact and React Native developer

Who am I ?

I am a french guy who mainly does front-end web development. I also occasionally try to teach what I know by making videos on my YouTube channel.

The three projects I'm the most proud of.

🌐 Groupomania

Full-stack last school project. MVP of a social network.

🚲 TapAndGo

Web appplication to find bike stations and more.


A website that aim to support students in web development in their learning path.

What are the technologies I'm good with ?

I do love working with tailwindcss, React and Next.js when I'm doing front-end web development. But I also learned Vue.js during my internship at Lion Coach. I do use TypeScript with long-term projects.

On the back-end development side, I know Express.js but I prefer Fastify with Prisma ORM and MySQL. I do know basic usage of SQL and NoSQL database.

I am also doing mobile development with React Native.

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